What I’m about

Greetings… that’s essentially what I’m about!

Alison launching puncdot's eco range of 100% recycled cards at Nelson's Ecofest in November 2015.


Hi, my name's Alison. I'm Irish by birth, Scottish by association and a New Zealander by good fortune.

Here I am at the Nelson Ecofest in November 2015,
launching punc.'s eco range of 100% recycled cards.

I've called my enterprise punc. (or puncdot) because I like the sound, look and off-beat connotations of the word, albeit slightly misspelled. And the dot is very important… with the ‘dot’ in tow, punc. stands for punctilious, punctuation and punctual. My professional background reflects all of these, having comprised foreign language translation, computer project analysis and extensive educational resource development/design and print management.


puncdot's  'not just another window envelope' card design.


My 'not just another window envelope' concept is a reaction to post boxes full of DLE window envelopes (real or metaphorical). I’d like to help revive the significant pleasure of sending and receiving Post with a capital P!

In danger of becoming a formerly keen letter writer, I recognised one day that there still existed a body of folk with whom I exchanged real words in real ink on real paper. Admittedly my five regular correspondents had a combined age of 380 years, but therein lies the rub; if the art of correspondence dies away, I feel the world will be infinitely poorer!

Little in the age of Digital Me compares with re-reading a letter or card you’ve kept for years. For me, anyway. I still have dusty old chocolate boxes full of correspondence I cannot part with. Letters of hope, hilarity, friendship… One friend and I spent a whole year writing every week on anything we could lay our hands on: old bus tickets, bits of plastic, balsa wood... the stranger the better. Just for fun.

And I’m not alone up here on my post box soap box. In 2014, Judi Billcliff in Hamilton (NZ) designated the 13th of June as New Zealand's very own Snail Mail Day in honour of her mother, who was always a keen correspondent. Children in schools far and wide became involved and many have sent or received their first ever personally addressed card. Long may it continue!

recycled music cassette cases in puncdot's gift card dsiplay stand.


I find myself drawn to capturing eclectic details, colour and shapes. And I enjoy creating quirky things, especially by reusing discarded stuff. My work space and card displays make endless use of discarded oddments, selectively unearthed, recycled and revamped.

Patterns, textures, a play of light and Roget’s Thesaurus are all grist to the mill of puncdot. Not to mention a good rummage in the op shop! (Non-Kiwis, think charity shop or recycling centre.)

In my office, I've re-used discarded music cassette cases as holders for my punc. gift card range (photo left). The trick to this re-usability lark is to look at an object's shape and proportions, seeing past its immediate or current function.