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Are you sick of only ever getting Window Envelopes in your post box?! Does your heart sink? All too often these days, the only post we receive consists of window envelopes; bills, official letters, humdrum correspondence…

Where did all the real letters go, those hand-written notes conveying the writer’s personality, the quick scribble that says,
'hello, saw this and thought of you, x' ?


If you'd like to make someone's day, but think the choice out there is a bit predictable, look no further! puncdot's latest designs offer something radical for all occasions.

Snail Mail Day 13th June

New Zealand's own Snail Mail Day happens every year on (or around) the 13th of June.  Join in! There are no fixed rules, just write to someone and make their day. Today, tomorrow, next week, whenever!

Post, people, pleasure: the 3 Ps of punc. photo & gift cards.


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